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Tuition for all ages

Master Tuition Mitchelton offers a full range of academic tuition including math’s tuition at all levels, English tuition from Pre Prep to Year 12 as well as essay writing and study skills.

Based on an extremely successful system that has been developed over many years, Master Tuition is achieving outstanding results. We like to work with parents to help build on the excellent work being undertaken in our schools to get the best results.


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Pre-Prep & Primary School Tuition

At Master Tuition we believe that students should be taught skills appropriate to their school grade. We aim to teach the skills necessary to bring them up to their expected grade level and then take them to the next level. Our lessons include confidence building, revision, games to reinforce skills and positive reinforcement and praise.

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Secondary School Tuition

At Master Tuition we aim to build a partnership between the student, their parents, our tutors and the school. Our tutors treat the specific skills required at each year level. Revision of previous work normally forms part of each lesson. Assistance with assignments is provided. Positive reinforcement, motivation and praise are all important in our lessons.

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University Students

Master Tuition employs quality tutors and this generally allows us to tutor university students who need assistance in maths, English or various other subjects. We do not specialise in this type of tuition but we have also successfully tutored engineering students, nursing students as well as those needing higher level mathematics for specialised vocational positions.


Tuition Subjects

maths tuition brisbane

Maths Tuition

Master Tuition tutors follow the guidelines set down in the Australian National Curriculum which is currently being implemented in Queensland and which aims to bring Queensland students up to the levels achieved in other states. From Algebra to Trigonometry, algorithms to statistics all courses - at all levels - are covered at Master Tuition.

Maths Problem Solving

Using mathematical calculations in all forms to solve problems is one of the main challenges for students. While they may understand the concept involved in a calculation, they often cannot apply these to working out a problem.

Master Tuition presents problems to our students that are relevant to them so tutors can make them understand how the calculations are used to solve the problem.

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Primary School English Tuition

Each lesson for younger students typically has a reading, spelling, comprehension and writing text type activity. Reading and spelling activities are planned to fill the gaps in learning or to extend the skills that are already there. We will develop and strengthen Comprehension skills through questioning techniques.

Writing is not usually an activity that children enjoy, however we employ stimulating writing activities to make writing exciting.

High School English Tuition

Master Tuition supports students with the demands of the English Curriculum by showing how to interpret assignment questions and make decisions about the essay type required. Different types of questions require different essay types. The words explain, discuss, analyse, describe, all require a different style of writing.

Even senior students often need help with spelling, grammar, sentence structure and tips for writing the perfect paragraph. Our tutors are trained to provide this support. Our English tutors can also help provide the structure for essay writing in subjects such as Ancient and Modern History, Geography and Science.

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Science Tuition

Master Tuition provides tuition in all topics in the Education Queensland Science curriculum including Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science and Physics, which form the senior secondary subjects.

Science fosters students' curiosity, imagination and knowledge to enhance their understanding of the natural and physical world around them. Scientific thinking and problem solving are used to explain how things work, or to understand why things are the way they are.


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Your Tuition Team

Cheryl Poulus, Paul Poulus and Marc Poulus

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We have over thirty five years teaching experience across all primary grades. Our tutors are with our students 100 per cent of the time.

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Rest Assured

Master Tuition Mitchelton is a member of the Australian Tutoring Association and we abide by their rules and codes of conduct.

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We are at 21 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton, 4053.
You can call us on (07) 3355 5320


“Thank you for helping Max out with his maths. He has not only improved but he has enjoyed his weekly visits."

Cheers, Max and Family, Mitchelton

“Master Tuition is the best. It helped me go from C in maths to an A. It also helped me go from a C in English to a B and all this happened in just one semester of tutoring.”

Katelyn Sullivan, Brisbane

“We are delighted with the improvement Jade has made since she has been coming to Master Tuition.”

Janelle, Brisbane

“My tutor at Master Tuition has inspired me never to give up.”

Michael, Yr 7, Brisbane


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For more information, please contact us at our Brisbane office.

21 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton 4053 Brisbane Queensland

Phone: (07) 3355 5320